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We help companies across the world to successfully lead and close complex enterprise deals.

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We work with world-renowned brands on revamping their sales processes.

What our clients say about us:

Petya is a top-notch consultant working in-house and I am really glad she came along and helped us analyse and fix what was broken within our sales organisation. Her personalized approach is one of a kind and it definitely works.

Nina Prodanova

ITCE Managing Partner

The team at Perpetto Consulting has a unique capability to understand and analyse clients' needs and to really think with a focus on providing a solution which works in the specific setup of a particular company. They are very driven and very invested in making sure that your company will achieve and surpass its sales goals.

Boris Motusic

United Experts CEO & Founder

It is a great pleasure to work with Petya, whose advice is now helping me to overcome bottlenecks in my sales process. If you think you are running out of ideas and are getting stuck with your sales project, ask Petya and she will help you gaining insights, and provide well-structured solutions.

Haochen Yu

Key Account Manager Pharma at Promega

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